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Board of Directors

Advisory Board:

Carl Nelson:

Carl and his wife Louise are proud foster parents.  They quickly realized Foster kids had no place to go, which is the reason they began Strictly Diversified Inc.  The goal was to give kids a hands on experience to place stories the produced on YouTube.  Each kid that came to the organization to learn skills had to create things they were passion about.  Kids covered topics like Cancer and Homelessness.  They learned how to become little Film Makers by using a hands on approach developed by Carl.  Carl currently works in the Hospitality Industry and is a Independant Animated Film Maker.

Phillip Coates:

Phillip is originally from Cincinnati OH where he was raised in a single parent home.  He grew up in a great environment where families in the community looked after each other.  Phillip loved math and engineering but growing up his family could not afford to buy him a calculator for college.  After he saved enough money to buy the calculator he needed he promised himself to help kids who were in need of technology to succeed in their studies.  Phillip currently works in the Packaging Industry and enjoy’s his time supporting The Heart of Job Foundation. 

Board of Directors:

Pamon “Job” Clarkson; Founder:

Job was raised in an unstable household, and being the oldest of 3 siblings, music was not JOB’s first love or priority. However, after years of surviving and doing “what he had to do”, some normalcy took root, and JOB was taken to a recording studio by a friend. “After that day, I traded in my hustle life for a music
life,” says JOB. This trip to the studio would lead JOB to establishing his own record label, Blackbox Entertainment, which would then lead him to move to Atlanta and eventually his current residence in Los Angeles. Driven with an entrepreneurial spirit has kept JOB continuing to not only make strides in his
career, but others as well.Moving to Los Angeles with $400 to his name and an old car to pursue his music career, JOB also managed to create and open a foundation called, Heart of Job, aimed at helping others from similar backgrounds like himself advance in the music industry. Through several initiatives, Heart of Job, provide
needed services and education like the upcoming 2 nd annual STEM music summer program. Music and community go hand in hand for JOB.

LaMar A. Mitchell:

LaMar has a passion in his heart and believes part of nature is too give back to youths and the community.  LaMar’s father was a giving person.  He came from little education but was blessed by people guiding him.  At an early age LaMar was taught by his parents that people around you build you up.  His parents instilled in him that a strong community is vital to a child’s success in life.  LaMar is a Producer, Arranger and Technician.  He has worked as a Music Director for top name in the music business beginning in the 1970’s.



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