Developing Youth, empowering change and investing in creativity

MP100 Workshop

We believe in developing youth, empowering change, and investing in creativity (innovative thinking). MP 100 is a new and state-of-the-art workshop that prepares adolescents, and young adults for future careers through “The ARTS” (Music Emphasis), and Professional Development.  MP 100 assists participants in recognizing that Creative Arts like Music are not only a hobby but a crafted skill that can lead to careers that will provide family sustaining income through hard work and dedication. Music is intertwined in every facet of life; it provides multiple developmentalopportunities that students will be engaged in.

MP100 Summer Program

The purpose of MP100 is to connect Adolescents and Young Adults with the skill sets needed for careers in the innovative and tech savvy world of “Music Production”. Through creative arts and professional development participants will learn “out of the box” thinking, research skills and technology based STEM learning.


Prepare students for Post-Secondary Education, intern/externships & entrepreneurial opportunities.  Develop real life simulations of connecting the skill sets to actual professions.  Help them to build a comprehensive portfolio for their future.  Create a necessary outlet & awareness that is required for sustaining a career in today’s ever changing economic conditions.  Utilize strategic partnerships with businesses to develop community cohesiveness & involvement.  Create opportunities for students to intern in the local community at large.

Learning Topics:

Music Theory– Course on musical notes, keyboards, and scales to learn melody, chords, & harmony. Rhythm will be
taught in the form of drum patterns.

Composition– Understanding of todays music hardware, and software technologies. This is done through hands on building of there music compositions.

Engineering– Students will learn the mechanics of Recording programs), computers and there relationship to recording,
musical instruments, and engineering.

Music Business– How to get paid and what to look for in contracts.Marketing, copyright laws, promoting, and Publishing.

Music History– History of music, its relationship to Music Production. Origins of different music styles, music instruments, rhythm, and harmony.

Economics– Students are introduced to the basics of economic principles, and learn how to think like responsible young

Music Math– This course is a study of interrelationships between mathematics and music. It will review some background concepts in music and mathematics as they are encountered.

Character Building – This course introduces you to the theoretical and empirical approaches to understanding human motivation and emotion. Topics covered include theories of motivation, drives and instincts, consciousness and volitional
behavior, self-

Non Profit Services

  • Videography 70% 70%
  • On Site Program Instruction 82% 82%
  • Non Profit Consultation 80% 80%
  • Content Generation 60% 60%
  • Class Room Instruction 80% 80%
  • Vocal Training 60% 60%
  • Program Management 82% 82%
  • Accessibility Training 70% 70%